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Limited edition of 250 orange vinyl copies only

Pre-order starts on 04 August 2018

Shipping starts on 10 September 2018

(also available as 500 black vinyl versions)


Taner Öngür the legendary bass player of the iconic group of 1970’s Anadolu Pop movement Moğollar, did release a solo album “Elektrik Gramofon” that sold out its LP’s within 48 hours, proving the huge impact and public appreciation. This year, again with his group 43,75 he introduces us “Sayko Ana” with his own words: “The aim of this record is to have good time, as well as present some unknown examples of turkish folk musics, and “psych them”. I can dare to use this word of “psychedelic” as I observe it did lose its primary sense within past few years of music scene. These old  songs has been boiled into a "progressive pot”, melt well with psychedelic spices, distilled and recorded. At home made."

TANER ÖNGÜR & 43,75 "Sayko Ana" 12" Orange LP

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