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"Circling the Cage"

YAYIN TARİHİ: 15.03.2018 (Dijital) / 24.03.2018 (LP)

Recorded at Vibes İstanbul Studios by Memet İncili 

Cover art by Kerem Ardahan and Big Baboli Print House

Synth: Yasemin Özler
Bass Guitar: Feryin Kaya
Electric Guitar: Todd Gibson
Drums: Murat Yakupoğlu

In the summer of 2017, In Hoodies went into the studio with 14 songs to record his second album. The process gave birth to four new songs, forming a separate entity, thus an EP.


In Hoodies came together with Yasemin Özler, Memet İncili, Todd Gibson, Feryin Kaya, Murat Yakupoğlu and Ozan Bankoğlu at Vibes Istanbul Studios. They recorded the EP “Circling The Cage”.


Memet İncili mixed the songs. Kerem Ardahan and Big Baboli Print House created the artwork. The EP will be released by Tantana Records on vinyl.


Disapproval and vulnerability, certainty and hesitation, giving up and persisting are meshed in the songs. Dark pop tones, dissimilar synths and guitars, rhythm machines and broken tambourines, bending and twisting sounds are crushed under ill-timed stops and starts. 


The songs on the EP are quite different from the debut album with their sudden pitch changes, noisy guitars hanging on to industrial sounds, distorted vocals accompanying syncopated rhythms, incomplete unravelings, early or late sung lyrics, absent breaths and unfinished sentences. 


Circling The Cage is a shaky bridge of sound between debut album A Lunar Manoeuvre and the upcoming In Hoodies album, waiting restlessly in hard disks. 

(P)&(C) 2018, Tantana Records

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