Istanbul is boiling! Hear some fresh, strong, timeless sounds from a whole new generation of turkish underground scene.
Loud and sweet ones!

Hello world!


This is Istanbul calling! From hard times. 


It's true that Istanbul is boiling since awhile. Not only in a negative mean as you see on TV or read on papers but also in a "creative way", underground. Everyday, we hear new talents and bands coming up with their original songs and videos.

Not a big surprise if you think the millions of people living here and the new generation is 100% connected with the rest of the world; God bless "www" (sometimes). 


Remembering, back in 70's, Turkey had a unique approach to rock music where Barış Manço, Erkin Koray, Cem Karaca, Moğollar and many other icons succeded to create a whole new genre that is globally known as "anatolian rock".

So, in 2013, we, as "artistic ideas agency", active in music management and booking since awhile, decided to start a record label aiming to host young and great talents from Istanbul's underground rock scene.

After all this is 21st century. It would be a shame to consider music (any kind) within stereotypes and cultural borders. Good music is good music. We might have some "local hints" about where we are...

But we try to provide you the music that we enjoy to listen ourselves.

How was the song? "It's a long way to the top (if you want to the rock'n roll" !)

We just started. Let's see where rock'n roll takes..

Enjoy the ride !

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